Data Visualization & Dashboarding








Analytics services (viewing & processing relevant data)

What is it?

Data analysis and visualization is an essential benchmark in determining the situation of any company and possible trends.


Power BI is a analytics software developed by Microsoft. It is one of the most popular and powerful solutions in the BI market. Like with any Business Intelligence tool, Power BI is used to generate interactive, appealing reports and dashboards to share your data.


Using views of tables, charts, symbols, and indicators, relevant data points from a variety of sources are highlighted. This allows users to get the information they need without going through spreadsheets, emails, files, databases and countless reports.

Data updated automatically

The dashboards and basic reports can be updated daily/hourly or in real time based on the data source connectivity.

In depth information

Click on any view in the dashboard to display the source information in detail. Filter the report or add the fields you want to monitor. Track the evolution of the important values.


From performance metrics to predictive analytics, data visualization brings a new, simplified and modern understanding of information. This is the key: you don’t have to be an analyst to use and understand views and data tables.

You get a general overview

When you connect to Power BI, your data is displayed in a dashboard, summarizing important values ​​from multiple data sets. You can view monthly goals, income vs expenses, sales values, custom reports and more.